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Taje Swimwear was inspired by the pureness of family & friendship on the beautiful island of Bali. The talented French-South African designer Tatiana Ferguson kicked off her passion for bikinis for personal use & eventually drew attention from fellow swimwear enthusiasts who fell in love with the elegance of her Brazilian style bikinis.

If you're a fan of all things red then this Brazilian bottom is just what you need. Practical and comfortable, this red bottom is ideal for a cruise getaway in Key West, a dinner date in the Bahamas or simply for a cruise down Huntington Beach!   

Product Details:   Brazilian style bikini bottom in black color with ruched sides. 


International size European size Ribcage (1) measurements (cm) Cup (2) = bust
      A B C D
S 70 63-67 83 - 84 85 - 86 87 - 88 89 - 90
M 75 68-72 88 - 89 90 - 91 92 - 93 94 - 95
L 80 73-77 93 - 94 95 - 96 97 - 98 99 - 100

How to measure yourself:

Size Chart

1. Ribcage: measure around your body just beneath the bust making sure the measuring-tape stays close to the body.

2. Bust: measure around the bust while wearing your usual bra.


The ring size is determined best on a ring that already fits well. Otherwise measure around your finger, making sure the measuring-tape stays close to your finger, thumb or pink. On the widest point of the ring, the ring will be measured diagonally in millimeters.

XS = 16 mm
S= 17 mm
M= 18 mm
L = 19 mm


For the right bracelet size you can measure your wrist with a measuring-tape. The number of centimeters +2, is your size. Most of the bracelets in our boutique are adjustable. In case of any doubt just drop us an e-mail and ask for the exact size of the bracelet(s) of your choice.