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Hydrating & Nourishing

The Dry Oil rehydrates and nourishes your body, exceptionally and thoroughly, without leaving any greasy layer. The Dry Oil is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxydants and omega 3-6-9 to prevent the dehydration and aging of the skin. The Dry Oil revitalizes, regenerates and restructures even the driest skins.

A few pressures on the pump are sufficient to cover the entire body. Simply spread a thin layer of The Dry Oil, then massage gently and in depth the skin until the oil has fully penetrated. It can also be used as a lotion. For this, dilute with a bit of water in the palm of your hand and massage your entire body. The mixture of oil and water forms a natural emulsion.

Your skin, fully hydrated and nourished remains soft throughout the day. Apply daily for optimal results.

The Dry Oil is an ideal facial care. Run a small amount into your palm and massage gently your face while insisting on the eye countour. The Dry Oil is also an ideal hair care. Apply on the whole hair, stressing on hair tips. Leave on from 20 min to the whole night for an intensive care. Wash you hair twice to remove any greasy residue. Hair regain suppleness and shine.

Manketti Oil
Rice Bran Oil
100% pure and natural Jasmine Absolute
100% pure and natural Extra Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil



International size European size Ribcage (1) measurements (cm) Cup (2) = bust
      A B C D
S 70 63-67 83 - 84 85 - 86 87 - 88 89 - 90
M 75 68-72 88 - 89 90 - 91 92 - 93 94 - 95
L 80 73-77 93 - 94 95 - 96 97 - 98 99 - 100

How to measure yourself:

Size Chart

1. Ribcage: measure around your body just beneath the bust making sure the measuring-tape stays close to the body.

2. Bust: measure around the bust while wearing your usual bra.


The ring size is determined best on a ring that already fits well. Otherwise measure around your finger, making sure the measuring-tape stays close to your finger, thumb or pink. On the widest point of the ring, the ring will be measured diagonally in millimeters.

XS = 16 mm
S= 17 mm
M= 18 mm
L = 19 mm


For the right bracelet size you can measure your wrist with a measuring-tape. The number of centimeters +2, is your size. Most of the bracelets in our boutique are adjustable. In case of any doubt just drop us an e-mail and ask for the exact size of the bracelet(s) of your choice.